Válvula mariposa lug

Temperature: _45_150°C Feature: small in size, lightweight and easy maintenance, it can be used as a device to cut_off or regulate Apply: fresh water, sewage, sea water, air, vapor, food, medicine, oils. acids, alkalis, salt and more Features: Available in various materials Long service life with reliable seal and without frequent maintenance Resilient seat design with bubble tight seal Small size and lightweight Easy to install and maintain Easy to operate Pressure test conforms to API598 Can regulate or cut off pipeline flow

Válvula mariposa doble excéntrica

Small in size and light in weight Easy to install and maintain Simple and compact construction, quick 90_degree on/off operated Minimized operating torque, energy saving Flow curve in straight line Excellent regulation performance Long working life 30,000 times on/off without leakage Wide selection of materials, application for various medium

Válvula mariposa de brida

Simple and compact construction Small in size and light in weight Easy transportation, installation and maintenance Quick 90 degrees on_off operation Minimized operating torque, energy saving Excellent sealing performance with zero leakage Long service life Wide selection of materials, applicable for various media Flow curve tending to straight line Excellent regulation performance

Válvula mariposa Industrial

1. Sample structure, small volume and light weight. 2. Easy to install and maintain. 3. Professional design, low flow resistance. 4. Apply to different flange standards installation. 5. A lubricating points, easy to maintain. 6. Valve core can be coated with anti_corrosion coating to meet the medium requirements. 7. Adapt to manual, mechanic operating, pneumatic, electric operating style. 8. Suitable for small size butterfly valve application from DN50_DN300 9. Ensure the O_rings, bushing, vulnerable parts to change regularly. 10. Extension rod or wrench to realize under shaft working.

Válvula mariposa anticorrosiva

  Pequeño tamaño y peso ligero. Fácil de instalar y mantener. Estructura sencilla y compacta, apertura / cierre rápido de 90 grados Minimización del par de funcionamiento, ahorro de energía La curva de flujo es recta. Excelente rendimiento de ajuste. La vida útil es de 30.000 veces sin fugas. Amplia selección de materiales, adecuados para diversos medios   Ltem Nombre de la parte Tela Normas Tela Normas 1 Cuerpo GG25 A126B CF8 A351 Disco GGG40 A536  CF8M  A351 Tallo WCB A216 AL BRONZE B148 2 Asiento GGG40 A536 AL BRONZE B148 Casquillo CF8 A351 WCB A216 Anillo o CF8M A351 GGG40+ EPOXY A536 3 Caja de cambios SS416 A276 SS410 A276 Joystick SS431 A276 SS316 A276 Señal de indicación SS304 A276 - - 4 Nombre de la parte NR X1 WEAR-RESISTANT X5 Cuerpo HYPALON X2 VITON X6 Disco EPDM X3 HEAT- RESISTANT X7 Tallo NEOPRENE X4 PTFE F4 5 Nombre de la parte PTFE ATEM B438 C954 B148 6 Cuerpo EPDM X3 VITON X7 Disco NBR X5 - - 7 Tallo Assembling A536(Gear) Assembling A536(Gear) 8 Asiento GGG40 A536 SS304 A276 Casquillo Aluminum AL2 WCB A216 9 Anillo o GGG40 A536 Aluminum AL2 Caja de cambios SS304 A276 WCB A216

Válvula mariposa tipo clip

This kind of butterfly valve is concentric (center line) with resilient seat It can be installed between two flanges using bolts or nuts and studs. Compared with other butterfly valve, it has higher performance to prevent the tube from leakage. It is widely utilized in foodstuff, pharmacy, chemical industry, environmental protection, water treatment, high building, water supply and draining industry and more.

Válvula mariposa plegable

U type butterfly valve is different from wafer or lug type butterfly valve, because it is flange connection. The size we can offer is from DN150(6") to DN1200(48") Working temperature: _15°C to 150°C Working pressure: PN10, PN16

Válvula mariposa plegable

Sanitary cast iron wafer butterfly valve, API 609/ISO 5752/BS 5155 Cast iron wafer type butterfly valve Cast iron butterfly valve is kind of simple structure, at the same time it can be used for low pressure pipeline medium switch control, serve as cut off and throttling in pipeline Materials: Body materials: GG25/GGG40/GGG50 Disc materials: DI/SS304/SS316/AL_BZ Stem materials: SS410/SS416/SS420/SS304/SS316 Seat materials: NBR/EPDM/PTFE/VITON Design standards: API 609/ISO 5752/BS5155 Flange standards: ANSI 125#/150#/JIS5K/10K/16K/DIN 2501 PN6/PN10/PN16/BS4504 PN10/PN16 Features: Small in size and light in weight, easy installation and maintenance, can be mounted wherever needed Simple and compact construction Minimized operating torque, energy saving Flow block is small, excellent regulation performance Wide selection of materials, applicable for various medium

Válvula mariposa semiconvexa

The size we can offer is from DN150(6") to DN1200(48") Working temperature: _15°C to 150°C Working pressure: PN10, PN16 1.Short structure length, lightweight, easy for location and installation 2.Bolt fittings convenient in maintaining and replacing 3.Simple structure, pins connect the stem and plate of valve, steadily positioning. 4.Apply for single standard valve installation 5.Seat sealing element can be changed regularly 6.Body lining of rubber vulcanization ensure a stable driving torque 7.Minimized operating torque, energy_saving, you can choose lever, worm gear, pneumatic apparatus, electronic apparatus or combination driving operation according to working requirements 8.Applicable of flange: replaceable seat with back use the special butterfly valve flange for installation, replaceable seat without back or valve body line with rubber seat apply to professional butterfly valve flange or welded flange, various flange installation 9.Shaft sealing can be use cooper line and o_rings combined sealing, lower part of the stem adopt bearing structure under positioning

Válvula de control de doble placa

Adoption standard: 1. Design standards meet: API594, MSS SP-80 2, structure in line with: ISO 5752, ISO 12220, EN558, ANSI 3. Connecting flange conforms to DIN2532, DIN2533, ISO PN10/16, ANSI B16.1 BS 10 Table D, JIS B2212/2213 4, test and inspection standards in line with: API 598 Performance Specifications: Nominal pressure PN (MPa) : 1.0, 1.6 Test pressure (water) Ps (MPa) Strength test: 1.5~2.45 Seal test: 1.1~1.76 Applicable temperature: -15℃-150℃ Applicable medium: fresh water, sewage, sea water, steam, food, medicine, all kinds of oils, acids, etc. Design Features: 1. Using two valve discs, two torsion springs and a rotating shaft, and balance device, can quickly realize the switch to avoid the "water hammer" phenomenon, effectively protect the pipeline, pump and drive motor. 2. A variety of flanges can be applied to the clamping structure. 3. Rubber is vulcanized directly on the valve body. 4. After zero pressure test and high pressure test, the leakage on the sealing surface is zero. 5. Test and inspection according to API 598

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